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Myths and facts about a teachers’ college

Obviously, the idea of moving away from the status quo and shaking up the current structures will attract some opposition.

The section below will debunk some of the preconceptions about a possible teachers’ college.


"A teachers’ college is not necessary because there is already the union to defend teachers"

"The Office of Professions has already spoken out against the creation of a teachers' college"

"A teachers’ college would cost thousands of dollars a year in membership fees"

"An order did not prevent corruption among engineers or certain professional misconduct incidents in the health sector "

"With an order, parents would have life-and-death power over a teacher"

“The college would have no impact on pre-service training”

"The teachers’ college would have no influence on in-service training"

"There are enough mechanisms to protect the public right now"

“A teachers' college would not solve the teacher shortage in schools”

“A college would cause the loss of thousands of “non-legally qualified” (NLQ) teachers”

"A college would not improve teachers' working conditions"

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